Study in Australia at world class institutions. We help students to enrol in English schools, TAFE colleges, business colleges and universities in Australia. We can arrange your enrolment, homestay, student visa and provide guidance and support to students coming to study in Australia.


Why you should study in Australia.

Australia is always a popular place to study in English and hosts many overseas students from all over the world. There are many reasons why it is so popular including its relaxed lifestyle, quality of education and institutions. A large continent with small population and great natual attractions appeal to those who want to live in stress free environment. As an overseas student you will experience a new lifestyle and beauty of nature and of course improvement of your English. People are friendly, the weather is warm and dry, the cost of living is low, and streets are generally safe. What more could you want?
Many students decide to take further study after they finish studying English, because they really enjoyed studying in Australia. A wide range of courses is available in Australia and they are designed to give you the best start in your future career

What we offer you.

​If you are wondering which institution is suitable for your needs, or which course is available for you, the Nichigo Centre will help you. We provide education counselling and make sure you will be satisfied with your study subjects and environment. We can introduce you to a variety of courses in any state in Australia
IELTS Examination Training
IELTS is the International English Learning Testing System where it is recognized internationally and accepted in over 9,000 organisations worldwide. It is recognised as a secure and reliable indicator of a person’s ability to communicate English. The Nichigo Centre can provide you with high quality instruction and also provide practice tests, please contact our reception for more details

TOEIC Sample Tests
TOEIC is the Test of English for International Communication that is specifically designed to measures people’s everyday use of English in the international business environment. TOEIC preparation is available in the Nichigo Centre where sample tests are readily accessible for listening, reading and writing.

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